News and Analysis (2/15/16)

Don’t want your teenager exposed to violence? This judge’s solution is to make her watch more television. Wait! What?

After learning of the emergency shortfall, the devout Muslim farming couple donated “800 pounds of high-end organic carrots to Masbia, a network of kosher soup kitchens that provides meals to hundreds of hungry New Yorkers”:

Israeli vandals burn books. “This is the second time the tomb … has been vandalized. The perpetrators of the previous incident, which took place two years ago, were never caught”:

Driven out by a “Christian” parent’s complaint about his “teaching children respect for people of different sexual orientation” he found refuge in a 99% Muslim school where he and the parents respect each other’s right to disagree:

“[I]t takes a lot more courage to be … a Muslim-American woman surrounded by a bunch of infantrymen in Afghanistan, than to storm up a hill in combat”:

“In his exhibition titled ‘Voyage Sacre’, Struzik … does not want to tell people what to think; he just hopes to incite a curiosity with his images. He wants people to ‘think more’ and ‘think again’”:

Noting the wide variety of interpretations of the nature of the divinity among Christians, the author of Radical says Muslims worship the same God and rejects “‘tabloid’ representations of Islam were permeating the Church”:

“Witnesses and members of her party later said police ignored pleas to allow an ambulance through their lines to take al-Sabbagh away after she was shot with birdshot. Officers also prevented anyone from helping her, they said”:

Egypt’s whitewash is absurd; “33,877 arrests can be easily confirmed purely on the basis of a small handful of Egyptian government press statements, which, importantly, do not even cover the entirety of the post-coup period”:

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