News and Analysis (3/2/16)

The mayoral candidate has linked to “‘extremists’ – despite the Labour MP having in fact dedicated years to fighting radicalisation” because he has appeared on “‘Islam Channel’ on LBC” (as has David Cameron) and long-since renounced views of an ex-brother-in-law:

“[H]alf of Americans think Muslim women enjoy a lower social standing than men in the United States despite evidence that shows Muslim women are second only to Jewish women in educational levels among religious women” …

… and one such woman blames her inability to find a full-time job not on racism, but on the need for a President to “create more good-paying jobs, bring some back from overseas and lower taxes so small-business owners could make additional hires” …

… while another explains that the “first contingency of the public section of sharia law is that a Muslim must follow the law of the country he lives in”:

The man who claims that wearing a Muslim-style of headscarf “is a form of ‘passive terrorism’ … he represents a much larger problem in which fringe Muslim Americans pushing an anti-Islam agenda are promoted … [to mainstream] ideas that are both offensive and incorrect”:

Founded as a secular state after its independence from Pakistan in 1971, the 90%-Muslim South Asian democracy adopted Islam as the official religion in 1988, but now its supreme court “has began to hear arguments which challenge Islam’s status as the official state religion” …

… and Israeli “educators and academics” have qualms about the role of official religion nation-state, as well, where the minority population is even higher (25%, excluding Palestinian exiles):

.. while in France, “[s]harp restrictions on religion in the public sphere have heightened tension with the Muslim population. But the armed forces do things a bit differently”:

Ishtiwi’s executioners feared that Israeli intelligence blackmailed him into providing information that allowed them to murder the infant son and wife of Mohammed Deif, but Ishtiwi’s family claims he was tortured into a false confession:

Knowing that “Erdogan severely criticized the court’s ruling, saying he did not respect it and would not abide by it” helps to explain why so many people feel impelled to insult him:

Farrakhan’s encomium fell short of an endorsement (“Not that I’m for Mr. Trump”), but simply appreciated the fact that Trump, being extremely wealthy, was able to turn down Zionist money that holds most American politicians in thrall:

“[O]pposition official George Sabra said the dates for a resumption of talks remained ‘hypothetical’ as long as the current truce did not fulfill humanitarian demands including a release of detainees held by the government”:






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