News and Analysis (3/12/16)

“Congress has never declared war on Somalia, nor has it authorized the use of military force there…. What legal authority does Obama even possess to bomb this country?” Further, “the U.S. government presumptively regards all adult males it kills as “militants”:

“CMUs, highly secretive and dubious of legality. And they’re right here in the United States. And an estimated 70 people might be held there. CMUs, largely unknown to the general public and media”:

“They would never be able to recruit anyone from our group, because we equip them with the knowledge and methodologies to counter any argument from groups like Daesh. More than this, our youth are effecting positive change by stopping other youth from joining extremist groups”:

“Facing opposition in parliament and bickering in his own cabinet, Jokowi has been scaling down his proposed reforms and working … [on] smaller economic fixes – lifting tariffs and quotas and enlisting business support – aimed at igniting growth and aiding … poor citizens”:

With the controversy behind it, the Montana library lecture draws an overflow crowd:

“The Gaza health ministry says … that shrapnel from an airstrike on a Hamas base hit a nearby house killing the boy, Yassin Abu Khoussa and wounding two of his siblings, one seriously, early Saturday”:

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