News and Analysis (3/15/16)

“Prophet Muhammad made it clear that freedom of religion is an inherent right for Christians living in a Muslim nation. His cordial relations with Christians were not due merely to political expediency or personal aspirations”:

Erdogan “said there was no difference between ‘a terrorist holding a gun or a bomb and those who use their position and pen to serve the aims’ of terrorists. Mr Erdogan added that this could be a journalist, a lawmaker or an activist”:

It is not wealthy elites who “can pay 1500 riyals ($400) a month for drivers” that are shaking up Saudi society, but women “who can’t afford drivers or cars, whose families object to taxis, and who persist nonetheless”:

“Two brothers … are on the verge of getting kicked out of school for fighting … bullying [that] moved from the school yard to their front yard, when their house was vandalized”:

“Growing up in a refugee camp near Bethlehem, Ms Al Hroub now works with refugee pupils, with an approach using play that is aimed at resolving violence and tension. ‘I am proud to be a Palestinian female teacher standing on this stage,’ she said”:

“Iran has retrieved thousands of pages of information from devices used by U.S. Navy sailors who were briefly detained in January…. Iranian authorities returned all the devices taken from the Americans even though it had the right to confiscate them”:

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