News and Analysis (3/23/16)

Annoyed by a question about political prisoners, Castro asked, “What political prisoners? Give me a list of the political prisoners and I will release them immediately.” He wanted to know when the U.S. will return  Guantanamo Bay where it holds uncharged and untried prisoners:

“NYPD Assistant Chief Thomas Galati acknowledged in a court testimony that the program never generated a lead or triggered a terrorism investigation”:

“[T]he biggest break yet in the Paris attacks investigation — the arrest on Friday of fugitive Salah Abdeslam— did not thwart the multipronged attack just four days later on the Belgian capital’s airport and metro that left 31 people dead and an estimated 270 wounded”:

Japan’s non-interventionism had “mostly kept Japan and its citizens out of the conflict in Syria” until its PM pledged $200 million to IS’s Middle Eastern enemies last winter and IS beheaded two Japanese civilians after the government refused to pay” them an equal amount in ransom:

As IS exploits the chaos unleashed by the Western overthrow of Qaddafi to try to establish a base from which it can destabilize neighboring countries, the UN is frustrated in trying to impose a compromise regime to replace Libya’s feuding parliaments:

“[B]ankers from Europe, the Middle East and other countries, … say the remaining sanctions are so complex, and the risks of errors in due diligence so high, that they still don’t dare to engage with Iran”:

As human rights organizations fault Egypt’s deteriorating record, and the Egyptian public is increasingly victimized by an economic dive, el-Sisi looks to a meaningless cabinet reshuffle to solve his countries’ problems:


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