News and Analysis (3/30/16)

“America” is the ideal of “liberty and justice for all.'” “Americans” often fail to live “up to that ideal…. Because of expedience. Because of bigotry. Because of cowardice. Truth to tell, sometimes, they don’t even try. But the failure of the people is not the failure of the ideal”:

“[T]he FBI’s growing network of confidential informants … have their own biases, receive little to no training and certainly aren’t equipped to ferret out violent extremism or distinguish between [constitutionally protected] extremism, … and [legally punishable] violent extremism”:

The judge ruled that none of “15 petitioners … had no standing to raise the issue with the court.” Asked the chairman of a religious nonprofit, “Bangladesh has a state flower — it’s the water lily. We have a state fruit — the jackfruit. Why shouldn’t Islam be our state religion?”:

“The lawsuit asks the court to order all 11 defendants to remain 300 yards from any TMOA [‘Four generations of predominantly African American Muslims who trace their ancestry to the slave trade’] property, to pay unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, and legal fees”:

The judge “held that Rebit’s case was not one of jurisdiction, but of his constitutional right to religious freedom. ‘He does not need a Shari‘ah court order to release him from Islam, because freedom of religion is his constitutional right, and only he can exercise that right'”:

“I think one of the things Wil has showed me is you can’t push (religion) down; people have to believe it for themselves” — Penatcostal mother whose son is now president of his college Muslim Student’s Association:

The atheists’ arguments that by allowing prayer rooms on campus the university must either endorse religious tenets or “dictate to religious students which tenets they are allowed to follow on university property” imply that observant students shouldn’t be allowed on campus at all:

Germans and Europeans tell Erdogan he’s mistaken if he thinks he can suppress freedom of speech in their countries:

At least 19 people are currently on death row … [under] the laws … [which have] religious minorities and … are often used to settle personal disputes. [Although n]o one has ever been executed for blasphemy, … mob violence has killed several Pakistanis accused of blasphemy”:


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