News and Analysis (4/6/16)

That the Prophet neither forcibly converted nor expelled his enemies “gives the lie to Qureshi’s statement that the Prophet fought them on account of religious differences.” Nor did he fight the neighboring Abyssinian Christian kingdom that “permitted [Muslims] freedom of religion”:

Muslims were “not alone in criticizing Lynn, as House Democrats on Tuesday announced they formally filed a workplace harassment complaint with … the state’s head of legislative human resources” over her distribution of “of hate-filled propaganda” to fellow legislators:

“Erdogan has also called for a new legal definition of terrorism and terrorist to include activists or journalists …, increasing concerns over free speech in Turkey where academics were recently imprisoned for speaking out against Turkey’s renewed conflict with Kurdish rebels”:

“The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) estimates that up to 35 percent of the names on the watch list are outdated, and thousands of others are placed on the list without conclusive factual evidence”:

“[T]he government consulted 29 organizations including government departments, faith-based groups, various teaching associations, and charities over the content of the Educate Against Hate website — but none representing Britain’s Muslim community”:

“It was not clear if the written statement had the full support of all ministers in the self-declared National Salvation government. But it appeared to mark a step forward for a U.N.-brokered unity government … after years of factional power struggles following” Gaddafi’s overthrow:

Abadi’s move to appoint technocrats “to free the ministries from the grip of a political class that has used the system of ethnic and sectarian quotas instituted after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 to amass wealth and influence through corruption … shocked the political establishment”:

Rising sectarian acrimony in the Middle East is manifested in an Egyptian attempt to silence Manar TV even as the Iranians and Saudis agree to meet to try to iron out problems following last year’s Hajj stampede and the recent Saudi execution of Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr:


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