News and Analysis (4/9/16)

Pretending “that Muslim women can be liberated from patriarchal structures through Western military intervention” is based in “an Orientalist perspective that sees Muslim women as passive victims without agency;” nor should we deny that ISIS is the product of U.S. interventionism:

The Appeals Court disagreed with the judge’s ruling that damages were unproven and that lower court award of “$1 in symbolic damages” for the state trooper’s mental anguish and emotional distress is wholly inadequate,” given the state police’s “egregious” conduct:

“[I]f you’re happy with yourself and you’re in total surrender with the creator, then you are Muslim really, regardless of what label you put on yourself” — Palestinian immigrant Emad Al-Turk:

The “fighting words” exception to First Amendment protection is narrowly defined: “Fighting words are not a means of exchanging views, rallying supporters, or registering a protest; they are directed against individuals to provoke violence or to inflict injury”:

“He said every Muslim was a demon. As he calls himself a Christian, I was embarrassed. Everything he said is a contradiction to the song, ‘They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Love'”:

“Dressed in colorful clothing that reflects local styles and able to speak three languages – Dari, Pashto, and English – Zari is the first Afghan character in “Sesame Street” history. ‘Baghch-e-Simsim’ … [is] the most popular children’s television program in” Afghanistan:

“IS’s Amaq news agency said on Friday the group freed nearly 300 workers, but had executed four of them for being from the Druze minority”:

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