News and Analysis (4/12/16)

Although “practised for decades now, the unilateral instant triple talaq is clearly an aberration – … Islamic scholars say the Koran clearly spells out how to issue a divorce – it has to be spread over three months which allows a couple time for reflection and reconciliation”:

“Islam is not a monolith. There is great diversity within Islam. When you travel and talk to Muslim youth, you hear many different voices of what it means to be a Muslim woman. Muslim millennials do not want to be pigeonholed….” —  Farah Pandith, Council on Foreign Relations:

Most of Cuba’s Muslims are converts (including some former atheists) who think Islam is “a little bit more true or pure religion than others” or for whom it provides a practical way of dealing with “more personal and specific” matters such as avoiding alcohol:

“He is a sorcerer. He is Satan,” says the mother of the Molenbeek man who radicalized her son, a man “more versed in the ways of the street than in those of the mosque” and focused on “channeling the criminal energies of young delinquents”:

Turkey and Egypt kowtow to the Saudi king: the former by giving him highest state medal and the other by selling him part of the country:

“[T]he Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (an OIC affiliated international institution headquartered in Istanbul) have convened a youth summit not just to coincide with, but to be an official part of the 13th Islamic Summit in Istanbul this week”:

Non-Muslim local resident John Poage started the petition to show it “doesn’t represent what this community stands for”, and a local imam agrees, saying, “[W]e do have freedom of speech and anybody can post or say anything they want, but in St. Augustine, we love everyone”:

“If it was a Jewish girl, she wouldn’t stay in prison for even one hour because it is forbidden according to the Israeli law” –Abeer Baker, a lawyer for the for the girl commenting on the double standard in Israel’s apartheid system:

Plaintiffs charge that when Jetstream took over ground services from Air Serv Corporation they prohibited Muslim from wearing religious headscarves and long skirts, insisting they ‘only wear the company uniform, which consisted of tan pants, a green shirt, a vest and a cap” with company logo:

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