News and Analysis (4/15/16)

“The new poll, based on face-to-face interviews with 3,500 respondents ages 18 to 24, suggests that young Arabs are both increasingly fearful of the terrorist group and less swayed by its propaganda, compared with previous years”:

“[W]hen you look at that list of people you see everything that makes the American Muslim community pretty freaking awesome. People keep asking ‘Why aren’t the Imams denouncing terrorism?’ The American Muslim community is nt complacent in the face of ISIS”:

A county public library learns how to have a civil and informative discussion on Islam even when angry villagers show up with pitchforks:

“Mauro has promoted the discredited myth of Muslim no-go zones across the West and … watchdog organization Media Matters warned in 2014 that “Mauro and other Clarion Project members are not credible sources to discuss issues such as these given their virulent history of Islamophobia”:

“A U.S. citizen born to a Muslim-American family, the infant was at an airport when his ‘boarding pass was first stamped with the ‘SSSS’ designation,’ indicating that he had been targeted for extra surveillance”:

“She had been qualified to run … [by] the powerful guardian council…. But the controversial body of clerics and jurists has changed its mind, nullifying her votes even though election officials endorsed the results in Isfahan and found no major discrepancy in the counting” …

… meanwhile, the Saudis say a soccer-players “hair-do violated a saying of the Prophet Mohammed” but don’t care that their (sound) policy of selling water at the market price contradicts a hadith against selling public water:

“After two years of unfulfilled government promises of their imminent rescue, the new video has been met with cautious expectations ‘ perhaps due to the Nigerian government’s shortcomings, Western biases about Africa, and the world’s short attention span”:

“Jim Dunning, the debate coach at Broad Run High in Loudoun County, said students voted unanimously to skip the event on principle and because of safety concerns for their Muslim teammates…. ‘It wasn’t appropriate to send anyone there given the rhetoric and the weapons”:

“Quite simply, most prosecutors will conclude that pursuing a defamation claim against Böhmermann in defense of a foreign head of state who shows little interest in human rights laws in his own country is a dubious use of time, money, and resources”:

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