News and Analysis (4/18/16)

“Turkey’s state-run news agency … said police had arrest warrants for of 140 people, including businessmen and former employees of the Gulen-linked Bank Asya, which was seized by the government last year”:

One passenger, whose family was granted asylum after his own diplomat father was killed by the regime of Saddam Hussein, was left in tears by the incident while another just asked to trade seats on the airline famous for  not assigning seats in the first place:

“Islam dominates the culture of countries populated mostly by Muslims, but any claim to political legitimacy with reference to a religion is problematic, as religious political authority is no more than political power masked by ‘sacredness'”:

“If you’re in danger, if someone is pointing a gun at you, you can justify – in your own mind – shooting someone. But if you’re sitting in Kandahar, you’re confronted with a screen where you watch people day in, day out – you might even start to realise they’re not bad people”:

“[T]he dynamics are roughly the same as you would find in any co-ed college classroom, albeit with an unusually high level of gender parity: men and women spoke roughly equal time over the course of Mirza’s lecture, never once interrupting each other”:

A “UNESCO resolution stated that the Temple Mount and holy sites in Hebron and Bethlehem are an ‘integral part of Palestine.’ The organization also criticized Israel, ‘the occupying power,’ for planting fake graves in Muslim cemeteries”:

“Arab countries led the way in pledging reconstruction aid” after Israel’s 2014 devastated Gaza, but “a new report released Monday by the World Bank shows that Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and other Arab donors have delivered only a small fraction of what was promised”:

“[B]uilding trust with Muslim communities is a better approach them surveilling them[, … but] the federal government does not have the credibility to force Muslims to cooperate in confronting extremism” …

… “Muslims are often relied upon in the intelligence process. [RAND Corporation Senior Economist Radha] Iyengar notes that Muslims were involved in approximately half of all cases of foiled al-Qaida plots in the U.S., from 2009 to the present”:

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