News and Analysis (4/21/16)

Gulf states are “upset by’ reports that Obama “cast them as ‘free-riders’ in U.S. security efforts” while he wants them “to offer more democratic reforms and improve human rights” and Congress threatens action over alleged Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks” 

The Saudi government tries to suppress those [religious groups] who propose any kind of peaceful reform. Some religious groups … propagate popular demonstrations as legitimate ways of drawing attention to a given cause, like prisoners’ plight in Saudi jails”:

She doesn’t deny saying, “Stay in your desserts and follow your religion in your own countries.” My favorite dessert is apple pie, which is as American as my country, which is the USA. Or did she mean Palestine? Sorry, but the Israelis wouldn’t let me immigrate even if I wanted to:

“She is outspoken in her belief that Australia’s leaders just don’t get why so many young Muslims are becoming radicalised and choosing to fight with ISIS.” She says, “[Y]oung people are looking for answers, so it’s important … to listen, understand and reach out to our youth”:

“Mazen Mokhtar, executive director of the Muslim American Society of Dallas, said it was ‘an alarming development’ that a presidential candidate would express ‘bigotry against their own constituents, essentially'”:

The Taliban showed their ability to pull off a direct strike at the heart of the country’s ruling elite…. By hitting the VIP protection squad, the Taliban were targeting both the national security apparatus and individuals with close ties to ministers and senior officials”:

“In 1923, the region’s affairs were settled by a vast separation between Christians and Muslims. In 2016, for better or worse, such a separation no longer seems possible, either of the living or the dead”:

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