News and Analysis (4/27/16)

“[D]emonstrators … marched from central Baghdad to an entrance to the heavily fortified Green Zone, where the government has its headquarters, chanting that politicians ‘are all thieves’.” One said that the government “did not bring … anything but poverty and killing”:

Does Turkey’s polarization reflect a debate over the secular constitution governing a nation 97% Muslim or over Erdogan’s desire to institute an “Islamized” version Attaturk’s dictatorship?

“The law against insulting religion, imposed when Britain ruled the Indian Subcontinent, is rarely used and aimed at preventing communal clashes and inciting violence”:

“A government based in eastern Libya has shipped its first cargo of crude in defiance of authorities in the capital Tripoli, a bold move that could deepen the divisions that have brought chaos since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi”:

Only  when she interacted with Muslim women did this feminist acquire a “genuine understanding of the extent to which Islam empowers women to be educated, productive members of society” — to such an extent that she became a Muslim:

Only hours earlier PM Sheikh Hasina tried to blame her political opponents for the attack on the US AID worker advocating that Ansar-al-islam “said it targeted … because they were ‘pioneers of practicing and promoting homosexuality'”:

“Rouhani has warned officials against misusing “infiltration” as grounds to curb social freedoms, but his hands are tied as such arrests are carried out by an intelligence apparatus and a judiciary that act independently of his government”:

“The survey found that 83 per cent of Muslims reported being ‘very proud’ to be Canadian, an increase of 10 points since 2006. This was in contrast to non-Muslim Canadians — only 73 per cent of whom said they were ‘very proud’ to be Canadian”:

“‘There were no taxes to pay, health care was free and they used a lot of alternative medicine, cures never seen in European health care. But life there was very expensive, and the money were not enough. She said she was never treated violently but she felt like a prisoner”:

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