News & Analysis (7/21/16)

At the Republican National Convention, Rudy Giuliani stands by his disastrous surveillance of Mosques in the New York area, and fails to name any leads the surveillance produced:

The United States wants Turkey to provide proof that Gulen was involved in the Coup …

… and Erdogan’s attempts to use the coup to strengthen his grip on the country may backfire …

… and some evidence points to Erdogan’s advance knowledge of the coup, and his allowance of the attempt in order to  …

The “scholars” who banned chess as gambling update a similar 16-year ban on the Pokemon card game to include the banning of Pokemon Go, while the Deputy Head of Egypt’s al Azhar likens it to an intoxicant:

“We hope that this sends a global message that the barbarity touches the whole world and that the people here, the victims, are not those who commit the crimes in Syria and Iraq:”

After more terror attacks in Nice and Wurzberg show the problems Muslim youth are facing with misinformation regarding Islam. Some in Germany are hoping to improve that …

… “These terror attackers are susceptible to IS propaganda because they lack the basic historical and contextual understanding of the faith:”

The fact Islam is a religion and not a race, doesn’t stop Islamophobes from racializing their attacks on the religion as the painting of anti-Arab slurs on Sikh temples demonstrates:

The author argues that the shift to increase support for Israel is due to the large need for campaign donations as the candidates shift into the general election:

Muslims are registering to vote in increasing numbers. 70% are registered as Democrats:






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