News and Analysis (7/17/09)

Described by US forces as a “misunderstanding”, the standoff between a Kurdish militia and Iraqi troops points to a larger issue threatening to fragment Iraq:

Attacks on Muslims during Jummah prayer underscore concerns over the state of freedom and Islamic democracy in Iran reflected in Rafsanjani’s sermon:

American strongest ally in Afghanistan, British withdraw would have a devastating effect on Obama’s strategy:

Branding Islamists as terrorists, Jerusalem has tripled funds to create low cost “moderate” summer camps:

The Guantánamo Justice Centre plans to c0nsolidate all the evidence of torture detainees and file the allegations as one legal case:

With the Iranian and Iraqi governments at critical junctures, the question remains “What role should religion play in politics?”:

The ruling clears the way for Sharif to contest parliamentary elections in 2013:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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