News and Analysis (6/2/18)

Maintaining its decades-long occupation depends on systematic suppression of dissent on both sides of the boundary fences. … Israel also tries to bully foreign nationals who document and monitor its human rights record. … In recent weeks, Israel has also denied entry to four leading American civil rights activists” …

… meanwhile Nikki Haley continues to serve as apologist for Israeli atrocities, vetoing a resolution to protect Palestinians while being the only vote in favor of a U.S.-drafted resolution blaming Hamas for the Israeli violence inflicted on Gaza:

“Regime change in Iran would bring a host of consequences, many of them unknowable, but almost all of them negative for America and the region. There is one outcome we can be sure of, however: Occupying Iran would be the death of America’s all-volunteer military and necessitate a return to a draft” …

… “Israel planned to bomb Iran and initiate an all-out conflict in the Middle East, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former head of intelligence, who said he believed the move may have been illegal” …

… but “Congress sent a message loud and clear to Trump: you do not have legal authorization to start a war with Iran … [and] amended the defense bill to state clearly that “the use of the Armed Forces against Iran is not authorized by this Act or any other Act”:

“One Western consultant, who was not involved in the project but who viewed SCL’s report, referred to the firm’s finding as ‘Machiavellian,’ calling it a manual for the royals to manage popular sentiment by figuring out where they should loosen their grip”:

“Malaysia should not be too close to a country whose internal politics are getting toxic…. Saudi Arabia is governed by hyper-orthodox Salafi or Wahhabi ideology, where Islam is taken in a literal form. Yet true Islam requires understanding Islam, not merely in its Quranic form, but Quranic spirit” — Defense Minister Mohamad (Mat) Sabu:

Fred “Fleitz was one of more than a dozen authors of a 2015 report from the Center for Security Policy that called for, among other things, using ‘shariah-adherent advocacy and practices as legal premises for deportation and stripping of American citizenship'”:

“[B]oth countries are subjecting education to the partisan political views of a government at the expense of an independent scholarly approach that ensures that students are exposed to the perspectives of all stakeholders or parties to a conflict”:

They were accused of being friendly with terrorists until “they showed up at the memorial wearing poppies.” Afterward, “the Residents Association went out of its way to disassociate itself from [the] antics” of racists and Islamophobes, and finally 700 “non-Muslims showed up at the mosque’s opening day, some of them bearing gifts”:

“Any move to downgrade the autonomy of the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem … could have potent symbolic resonance, suggesting American recognition of Israeli control over east Jerusalem and the West Bank. And while the change might be technical and bureaucratic, it could have potentially significant policy implications”:

“One senior European diplomat … said the U.S. withdrawal risked triggering a proliferation problem because its sanctions may halt work on Arak and Fordow. ‘It may force the interruption of the dismantling of Iran’s nuclear sites. It’s completely absurd,’ the diplomat said”:

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