News and Analysis (12/22/09)

Sparked by Montazeri’s “timely demise,” …

… as “people used the sadness of Moharram to unite themselves against the Shah” they now unite around “Montazeri’s last wish, an end to this dictatorship”:

Men who mutilated a woman have the Book thrown at them:

Glitches remain; Hamas says it is “up to individual prisoners whether they would accept deportation”:

Enforcing collective punishment violates international law; Oxfam’s Jeremy Hobbs suggests that world have “betrayed Gaza’s ordinary citizens”

Under pressure from Mubarak, the Brotherhood signals a retreat from politics:

He also asked what would Jesus do regarding American foreign policy:

PM warns U.S. that “a strategic partnership could not be an excuse for “Soviet methods, ignoring civilian control of the special services and in breach of existing laws” …

… while U.S. warns Cambodia expulsions may adversely affect relations:

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