News and Analysis (5/31/10)

Victims of the Israeli attack on a ship full of humanitarian aid say they were unarmed, and a video shows no resistance on a Turkish ship against Israeli troops firing immediately after boarding

… prompting protests around the world including Turks, Israeli Jews  (“No one in the world will believe the lies and excuses which the government and army spokesmen come up with”) and Arabs, and even Americans:

Although subsidizing farming has produced results, the strategy ignores the longer-term consequences of a society dependent on unsustainable government handouts:

“While the Bush era saw the US … squeezing the defiant few like Syria and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, today’s Middle East sees a power vacuum led by partial US retreat being filled by assertive regional and middle powers”:

Diyala is one of the few provinces where the US military still supports Iraqi forces, who are viewed with skepticism:

After four years of political isolation, the international community begins to accept Hamas’ role in leading Palestinians:

US is requesting Pakistan provide it with more detailed  information on Pakistanis who fly to other countries, an unpopular infringement on citizen’s rights:


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