News and Analyis (9/3/10)

Kelantan province fights monetary irresponsibility with its minting of dinars, because  “a piece of paper … is just an IOU”:

A ham-handed government attempt to smear the Muslim Brotherhood backfires, “turning a dinosaur into a living political phenomenon”:

MFI president Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad argues that Netanyahu’s attempt to convince Abbas that citizens of Israel and Palestine should be guaranteed civil rights but not “national rights” is a step backwards:

“The West has accused us of curbing the liberties of BlackBerry users, while America, Israel, Britain and other countries are allowed access to all transferred data”:

“[P]anicked depositors formed long queues at Kabul Bank branches throughout the country, nearly every branch a staging ground of outrage against the government”:

Asked how far away from ground zero should Park51 be built, 9% of New Yorkers say no distance is sufficiently far away, demonstrating “why we don’t put fundamental rights up to a show of hands”:

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