News and Analysis (8/10/07)

Newsweek correspondent Vivian Salama notes how current security-based racial profiling is mirroring the past and denigrating American principles of liberty, justice and equality:

With Bush’s surge and ham-fisted diplomacy in Iraq failing, he now seeks the once “irrelevant” UN to help broker political deals with Iraq and its neighbors:

Government discrimination and incompetence compounded by the flight of Muslim community leaders to Pakistan at the time of partition are cited as factors for the disadvantaged state of India’s Muslims:

After allegation from exiled PM Benazir Bhutto over “30 million ‘missing’ voters” Pakistan’s supreme court orders Musharraf to produced a complete list of voters in 30 days:

Principle of Arabic-school forced to resign after groups pressure and distort the meaning of the word “Intifada” written on a t-shirt:

Allegations of more abuse by Saudi Arabia’s religious police come from Shi’a pilgrims charging they were being beaten in Mecca “because of their nationalities and the fact that they were holding Shi’ite-style prayers”:


Alejandro Beutel is program assistant for the Minaret of Freedom Institute with expertise in religious freedom, democratization and security issues.

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  1. […] Recently a fellow blogger had given some commentary on our blurb on August 10 citing a news story about an Arab school principal who was forced to resign from her position after coming under scrutiny for wearing a t-shirt that said “Intifada NYC”. This blogger gave his commentary on the story and our blurb of it and proceeded to give an analysis of the word citing a wikipedia article. […]

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