News and Analysis (1/13/11)

The government says that 23 people have died during the protests, but rights groups say there have been at least 35 to 50 deaths. Mr. Ben Ali has called the protesters terrorists”:

The accused policeman will be tried in the controversial “state security courts”:

French suspicion is supported bu audio sent to Reuters:

M.J. Rosenthal marvels at how a man whose support for the IRA was so unequivocal that “”the Secret Service listed him as a threat” now wants to invite “the usual bigots” to “to malign a particular segment of the population, rather than to focus on terrorism itself”:

“The clerics’ names appear in a confession statement delivered to a judge by Muhammad Mumtaz Qadir, the gunman”:

Because it believes that “the Afghan National Army, which is being trained by US forces, is incapable of taking over the challenge”:

“China effectively rejected the invitation and Russia cautioned such a trip could never replace U.N. inspections or talks between Tehran and world powers”:

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