News and Analysis (1/20/11)

“At the RCD headquarters, workmen were removing the large plaque from the outside of the building bearing the party’s name…. A mustachioed military officer whose unit was guarding the building told the crowd: “Translate this as you wish: the RCD is going away:”

It “has traditionally shunned violence in favor of gradual reform of society along religious lines. But the movement’s success in winning seats in parliament was reversed last November when official rigging of the elections result deprived the Islamic movement of a single seat”:

The Torah warns against building your house on sand, but with Israel denying Gazans cement and steel, the Palestinians are building houses with sand:

With Peter King planning to appear on a program whose host believes ‘Every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim,” co-Founder, “Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue” and Religious Freedom USA Joshua Stanton says …

… meanwhile, a deputy police commissioner reverses himself admitting that a hate film he had denied had been shown to officers was actually shown twice by “mistake”:

In Europe anti-Islamic bigotry  “even passes ‘the dinner table test’, ie that comments directed against Muslims pass without question in polite society”:

As Turkey and Qatar follow Saudi Arabia in withdrawing from mediating  the escalating Lebanese crisis, Christian opposition leader Michelle Aoun says the opposition will not accept Hariri’s return as head of state:

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