News and Analysis (1/26/10)

Is Egypt following in Tunisia’s footsteps?

“The attacker can’t claim that he is defending himself;” Turkey challenges Israeli whitewash with a report of its own:

As the opinion of the UK’s senior minister in Iraq comes to light that “”What might have been an uneasy acquiescence was too often turned into anger and resentment by military tactics which were heavy-handed and disdainful of the Iraqis” …

… Al-Maliki positions himself to be the new Saddam Hussein:

VP of Chile’s Palestinian Federation calls “a US suggestion made in 2008 that Palestinian refugees be permanently resettled in Chile and Argentina … ‘contradicts our inalienable right to return to our own homeland’:

“With Iran’s extended family increasingly joining the ranks of power – first in Gaza, then Iraq and now Lebanon – there also comes pressure to moderate and make other compromises often required from those in charge”;

Rejecting defense  requests “for leniency in recognition of Mr. Ghailani’s alleged mistreatment during harsh US interrogations … the judge imposed the maximum sentence on the 36-year-old Tanzania national” saying anything he suffered “pales in comparision to the suffering and the horror he and his confederates caused”:

Bad news for Ben Ali: Tunisia has a bilateral extradition agreement with the Saudis:

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  1. dr.aswaz truv says:

    Oh people, it is a big lie to tell the people that there is an allowance for this so-called jihad-movement today.These ignorant ones are just a very small minority of fanatics and extremists who are doing all what is stricktly forbidden in Islam! Killing innocent people,children and woman is a cursed act against everything which Islam stands for. To know and understand this one has not to be a muslim.
    Many of you miss the most important point-that there has to be an Khalifat and so has to be an Khalifah for the final permission for jihad,but only against oppressors.They are responsible to find out who the head of the oppressors are and fight them. Not children,not women,not innocent people.
    The last Khalifa was the Ottoman Sultan which got taken away in the 1930 and with whom the Khalifat ended.
    Do you know who Laurence from Arabia was? He was just one and the most famous of almost 1000’s of agents spying on muslims for the British Colonialministry in the course of 150 years before Laurence came to slander. Here we can see how stupid we are that we give honour to such individuals and let it happen that such a man is shown to everyone in the world as the gratest hero like it happened just weeks ago. The world hails him and those who really plantet this evil seed.
    The works of those man was the planting of the seeds which grew the trees and brought forth the fruits which we call today mistakingly ‘Islamic Terror’.Wahabism and Salafism are one of these fruits.There are more but these are the ones from which the others grew out.
    It was parts of the protestant teaching injectet into the teachings of Islam! Do not confuse this with Islam.Islam has nothing do do with it!
    If Islam means peace-how can there be a word like ‘Islamic Terror’? Peace-Terror? When will people start to think for themself? Is this invention of this spectacular sign of stupidity brought to light with such an nonsense-word not a clear sign that its inventors must have the intelligence-level of a dinosaurus? And such a crusade can only be possible with the help of a people with an intelligence-leves even lower than a dinosaurus.
    That’s us.
    So- There is no Khalifa now and any jihad against anything exept against ones own self has NO PERMISSION!-and is a cursed act.That is why muslims are waiting for Imam Mahdi. When he appears then there will be a Khalifa. Everything else is the biggest lie.
    Every muslim knows this exept the wahabis and salafis and all these groops following the same line. They do not care and go on teaching their foolishness to those who like to listen.They have nothing to do with Islam-doesn’t matter what they believe. Foolish people fall into this well prepared trap spread among the world and especially muslim-countrys since 150 years by the dirty hands and minds of secret services.
    And the muslim majority curses this extreme misinterpretations since the beginning of the 18th century,that shows the fact that even after 200 years they(wahabis,salafis,etc) are still not crossing the 1% line of muslims all over the world.
    If we blame these fanatic brainwashed handful of lunatics and their Imams and want to see them made responsible for their deeds we would do better also putting the blame on these socalled ‘Intelligence Services’ and those for whom they work for.
    If there is an atom of intelligance involved in their deceptive works behind the scenes why then,dear reader,is it so that the more these agencies are involved the more the world is burning?
    Why don’t you grap your leaders and their evil advicers,greedy bankers,corporate criminals,rockefellers,kissassingers,zbigniew’s,bush’s,fabians,tavistock’s,rumpfeld-criminals and on and on….and all their marionettes around the world right on the street and get them quickly into prison for the next 100 years,what allready would have happened if you were so free and sane as you think you are? ? No you won’t do that. You want to vote for something,right? If you cannot make your cross,you cannot feel as someone important.
    Remember,just from an illiterate person it is asket to make a cross. All what happens today and what makes you feel so frightened and on what you dare to have a meaning and feel the need to lie it out into the world,you must know that YOU votet these devils!
    These elite-criminals are really clever,they know that YOU will have to carry the responsibility for that.
    Watch this:

    But,squarehead-people will never understand this.

    With best wishes Dr. Aswaz Truv

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