News and Analysis (3/8/11)

Islamophobe Peter King calls the move a vindication of the Bush administration policies and ACLU’s Anthony Romero calls it “a complete about-face”:

Amid false rumors of Gaddafi’s departure and speculation as to whether Obama will be suckered into a military intervention, Gaddafi’s forces check the rebel advance with some injuries and no fatalities:

The defeated Christian president who refuses to cede the presidency to the Muslim opponent who won the election seizes control of the nation’s cocoa industry, and his security forces kill four more civilians after a demonstration at the scene of the unarmed women they murdered last Thursday:

Why are women in need of education and respect offered beer and bikinis instead? A scholar of Women’s Studies and Medical Ethics wonders why the Western media confuses sexual exploitation for sexual liberation:

The High Court ruled Tuesday that authorities had illegally obtained the items when they arrested Anwar:

Iran says it would “make an effort” to find the “former FBI agent who vanished” there in 2007:

After repeated warnings that her department’s denial of Palestinians’ citizenship was a violation of Denmark’s commitment to a 2008 UN convention:

About “200 journalists from official and independent media rallied near the headquarters of Al-Rai, the main state-controlled paper” demanding “”intervention in the media” by the Jordanian government and security agencies, and a change of the state-controlled press ‘to independent newspapers'”:

“The child star said the family was yet to move into a new apartment paid for by a trust set up by the film’s director, Danny Boyle” and she has lost all her awards and press clippings:

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