News and Analysis (3/14/11)

The confession of Swami Aseemanand that “Hindu radicals” were behind the wave of bombings in Muslim neighborhoods suggests “that a network of radicals stretched right up to senior levels of the country’s Hindu nationalist right wing”:

As Bahraini lawmakers call on the king to impose martial law, there is as yet no call yet for international intervention against the Saudi invasion of Bahrain:

“In Libya, if the objective is humanitarian, then we would work with both sides and not get engaged in the matter of who wins” — Gen. Wesley K. Clarke:

Acknowledging Turkey’s “painful history of military coups,” the NY Times concedes the need to try conspirators, but demands defense lawyers be given “access to any evidence against their clients” and calls on the AKP to “use its parliamentary majority to reform the penal code “:

Western diplomats are concerned that the Boko Haram, previously thought to have been destroyed, “is catching the attention of al-Qaida’s North Africa branch”

Not content with the theft of Palestiian land, Israelis now lay claim their national food as well:


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