News and Analysis (3/16/11)

The Qur’an (4:92) allows blood money in cases of accidental death if a captive is freed as well; but the U.S. refuses to free Aafia Sidiqui:

With reports of Apache helicopters shooting at peaceful protesters, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expresses alarm at developments:

As Sarkozy denies Saif al-Islam’s accusations that the accepted Libyan campaign contributions, Saif claims the rebellion will be suppressed within 48 hours:

When efforts to take over the demonstration failed, “Hamas police beat up demonstrators with batons, chased out and punched reporters and seized activists’ mobile phones. Fatah loyalists beat each other up on the sidelines of the Ramallah protest, apparently during an argument on whether to join the demonstrators or not”:

She said “I’ve got to go” into her cellphone; he heard “It’s a go” as he passed by; she was wearing a headscarf and had brown skin, so:

“A law guaranteeing religious freedom to prisoners applies to a courthouse holding cell where sheriff’s deputies ordered a Muslim woman to remove her headscarf”:

“An autopsy is due to be carried out on the body in the presence of his family members”:

“Closing the door of interpretations of Islam, partly or wholly, is a threat on Islam itself because by being so, Islam will rot,” — JIL Web site:

Human Rights Watch says atrocities “committed by president Laurent Gbagbo’s forces may constitute crimes against humanity”:

Around 100 people, mainly relatives of political prisoners, gathered in Marjeh Square on Wednesday calling for the release of their loved ones and an end to emergency laws:

CAIR: San Diego Muslim Removed from Southwest Airlines Flight

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