News and Analysis (4/12/11)

UN investigator “Juan Mendez said he was ‘disappointed and frustrated by the prevarication’ he met from US officials”:

Ouattara offers a truth and reconciliation commission,promising, “Every measure has been taken to assure the physical integrity of Mr. Laurent Gbagbo, his wife and all those arrested…. They will receive dignified treatment and their rights will be respected”:

“The demand is a direct result of the Raymond Davis debacle, which exacerbated tensions between the US and Pakistan and underscored a lack of trust between the two countries’ intelligence agencies”:

As France makes it “illegal for women in full-face veils to go anywhere in public, including walk down the street, enter shops, use public transport, attend doctors’ surgeries or town halls,” we have to wonder if it is just a matter of time until women have more freedom of choice in clothing in the Middle East than in Europe:

A student at the University of Damascus is killed and government troops attack more villages as Syrian repression fuels more protests and the Muslim Brotherhood, hitherto quiet for fear of undermining the regime’s support for Hamas, now sides with the demonstrators:

As France and Britain call for more bombing despite heavy civilian presence in the targeted areas, the U.S. confronts the budget impact of a third war front:

“[C]atholic priests had refused to become a party to the case therefore the police had decided to become the complainant against Akhtar Hussain”:

“[I]ndicted in the U.S. for his role in al-Shabab in August” an Alabama raised militant mocks rumors that he was killed “during heavy fighting in Mogadishu” with rap songs like “Send Me a Cruise (missile)” and “Make Jihad With Me”:

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