News and Analysis (4/14/11)

As the daughter of the “outspoken dissident Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, weakened by breast-feeding while fasting in “her fourth day without food in protest at the violent arrest and subsequent disappearance of” her father, husband, and brother-in-law says she “will leave her 18-month-old child with family members if she dies” …

… the government moves to eliminate rather than develop democracy:

Safiyyah Abdullah divorced her husband who tried to pressure her to abandon the face veil, but she still has to contend with Muslim feminists (so-called)  “who would support a ban on religious face coverings”:

With the riots burning more Qur’ans that Terry Jones did, mullahs call for “citizens to maintain order during protests” and for “government to better prepare the police to deal with protesters, ensure that government and international forces respect Islamic and Afghan culture, and stop international forces from conducting night raids”:

With “Gbagbo’s high-profile, Bible-wielding wife, who has been called the ‘Iron Lady’ of the regime and the ‘Hillary Clinton of the tropics'” on display to the American Evangelicals who saw the dictator as a bulwark against the boogeyman of “shariah law,” little did they suspect that their “Christian president” was a bigamist:

“What Kashmir’s young independence activists most want the world to grasp is that the protracted fight for Kashmir has broken from its roots in a territorial tug of war between India and Pakistan” and has become an independence movement led by the two-thirds of Kashmiris who are under age 30 and fed up with living in a police state”:

With Qatar arming the rebels and NATO calling for more specialized jets as its bombing of Tripoli adds to the civilian death toll, the U.S. is resisting calls by France and Britain to plunge more deeply into the intervention that seems to only add to the civilian death toll:

Breaking their silence, Goldstone’s three fellow mission members attack his retreat from the report’s findings, and  “‘firmly stand by’ the conclusions of the report. They say that neither Israel nor Hamas has come up with any convincing evidence contradicting the findings”:

Assad call off the security forces and promises the release of political prisoners as as “the Syrian army entered Baniyas” to welcoming residents chanting, “the people and the army are one”:

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