News and Analysis (4/21/11)

Even as Syria “abolishes state security courts and allows citizens to protest peacefully” …

… ruled by their fear, Christians and Islamists both impede the transition to democracy by opposing the lifting of the emergency laws:

The Muslim majority in northern Jos “accuses the state government of consistently denying the Muslim community their basic rights as citizens on the basis that they are ‘settlers’ in the state, and therefore not so-called indigenes privy to citizen rights,” yet, “[d]espite anger, some crossed the religious divide, taking risks to help those attacked”:

“[T]he Islamist Nahda movement, allowed to register in March for the first time since it was formed in 1981, was among those that voted in favour of the” rule requiring equal numbers of male and female candidates:

As sectarian strife boils over from Egypt to Indonesia, a Michigan mayor tries to keep the lid on in the USA …

… but the lawyer who unsuccessfully sued to deny Muslims their civil rights won;t give up:

Some read Khamenei’s reversal of Ahmadinejad’s decision to accept Mashei’s resignation as sign of a breach, but others see intelligence chief as the President’s hand-picked successor:

Refusing to accept victory:

As the fight over Misrata continues its civilian toll and the U.S. and Europe step up their overt aid to the rebels

… an imam “jailed for seven years by the regime, urged his congregation to work for a civil state with strong institutions and freedoms of speech and association”:

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