News and Analysis (4/28/11)

The judge “declined to reveal the number or nature of the records the FBI kept on the plaintiffs, citing national security concerns” but he “also reached the conclusion that federal government attorneys initially misled the court about the existence of the documents”:

We understand why Israel opposes the restoration of democratic government in Palestine, what we want to know is why Hamas sent baton wielding police to prevent people celebrating:

“More than 200 members of Syria’s ruling Baath Party resigned Wednesday in protest of the violent crackdown on antigovernment protesters”:

“What should have been an uncomplicated approval of the application then foundered in a storm of anti-Muslim sentiment and hysteria”:

If they were really guilty, why did you try them in secret?

“Shi’ite website,, said on Wednesday police had stormed the houses of Mustafa al-Mubarak, 26, and Hussein al-Hashem, 25, arrested them and confiscated their computers”:

After defeating the incumbent is Ouattera setting out to kill his potential rivals?


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