News and Analysis (5/2/11)

As American Muslims join in the cheering for Bin Ladin’s death, a rabbi sounds a note of caution that he would have preferred “to see Bin Laden arrested to stand trial, “ but denials of charges by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood that killing was an intended assassination and not solely a consequence of his violently resisting arrest put in doubt by a senior U.S. security official’s admission that “[t]his was a kill operation” and that the “elite Navy Seals team dropped by helicopter to the compound were under orders to kill not capture bin Laden” …

… so now Libyan rebels demand to know …

… and U.S. denials notwithstanding, the attack on Gadaffi’s residence show “no obvious signs of military command and control”:

“Residents of Deraa told Reuters news agency they had seen packed busloads of handcuffed and hooded young men being taken in the direction of a large detention centre in the city run by the security services”:

His manager told him, “It’s better to be Edgar than Mohamed today,” so he’s suing the Waldorf-Astoria “for religious and racial discrimination, charging that hotel management has created a ‘hostile work environment’” by forcing him to wear false name-tags and allowing co-workers to torment him with names like “terrorist” and “al Qaeda boy”:

In an important policy shift during its hoped-for transition to democracy, Egypt no says that  “the US should view a re-united Palestinian movement, including Hamas, as a positive development, and that it should persuade Israel to negotiate with it”:






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