News and Analysis (5/5/11)

As Pakistan accused the U.S. of a cold-blooded killing in violation of its sovereignty, “President Obama ruled out publicly releasing photographs of the deceased Osama bin Laden on Wednesday, and White House officials said they would give no new details about the raid on his compound in Pakistan”:

Fueling conservative calls to continue the policy of torturing prisoners is the revelation that detainees lied under waterboarding about bin Laden’s courier, but U.S. officials claim the lies were helpful to the CIA because the “fact that they were covering it up suggested he was important” …

As Mrs. Clinton offers to turn over “$30bn it has frozen in Libyan assets to help the” rebels …

… US-AID advisor Marl Lange warns, “The longer Washington’s elite lack all conviction about the power of real economic engagement – and the real limits of military intervention – the more often we’ll continue to box ourselves into magical foreign policy corners”:

Turkey’s government boasts it is “working to care for all of these sites, Muslim, Christian and Jewish, without discrimination, to restore them and maintain them and to open them up to the public to visit”:

Benjamin Netanyahu, PM of the country that has killed over 1452 children since since Sept. 29, 2000, called the agreement to hold democratic elections in Palestine “a big prize for terror”:

“The moves come despite appeals from the UN and US for President Bashar al-Assad to end the violence against protesters” and as activists vow “to stage a ‘Day of Defiance’ on Friday”:

If convicted on separate charges that he “ordered the deadly use of live ammunition against unarmed protesters during the 18-day uprising that toppled Mubarak” the former Interior Minister “would face the death penalty”:

“Bin Laden’s public speech was measured, friendly, and he managed to wrap himself in a saintly aura” while ” Zawahiri generally comes off as an angry … crank” who”gets little traction among any but the already converted,” (and if bin Laden had assassinated Bush, Cheney would have been President):






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