News and Analysis (5/12/11)

If Sen. Inhofe’s description of the photo is accurate, and the bullet appears to have EXITED rather than ENTERED through bin Laden’s eye, no wonder they buried the body at sea; even in war, shooting an unarmed man in the back (even if the bullet entered the ear) is not a heroic act:

“The NATO alliance is completely bereft of morality… No one has the right to say to the people of Libya move away from the cities so we can bombard you” — Gaddafi loyalist denying the compound at which NATO bombings allegedly resulted in 3 deaths and 25 wounded was a “command and control” center:

The Syrian embassy alleges that the Iranian-born reporter they deported to Iran was carrying “a large sum of undeclared Syrian currency in cash, along with transmitting equipment,” and “admitted to providing false information to the Syrian authorities”:

The senior Brotherhood official, who will run as an independent  is tied with Amr Moussa at 20% in the polls, both well ahead of ElBaradei’s 12%, risks  expulsion by the group for violating their pledge not to contest the presidential election:

As the rebels deny links to al-Qaida, the White House meets with the rebel chief with whom Hilary Clinton met in April to discuss how to depose Gaddafi and who both right wing and left wing conspiracy theorists agree is a tool of the Western imperialist powers:

Geert Wilders is the tip of an iceberg. “The key voices of intolerance are neither marginal nor can they be dismissed as old-style far-right activists. They are today often heads of government, important ministers, or powerful politicians”:

“A top military intelligence official has said the discredited dossier on Iraq‘s weapons programme was drawn up “to make the case for war”, flatly contradicting persistent claims to the contrary by the Blair government”:

On the condition that “at least 70 percent of Iraq’s political leadership back the idea”:






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