News and Analysis (6/13/11)

With his stunning electoral success, Erdogan has come under attack from rival parties, but his pro-market  policies have “brought Turkey through the global financial crisis unscathed” with “one of the world’s top growth rates” and historically low inflation and interest rates …

… Is Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood signalling a willingness to follow in its footsteps?

“The fact that Hezbollah and its allies have 18 seats in the 30-member cabinet does not mean that the country will join the radical camp in terms of its relations with the international community” — Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati:

Almost a quarter of a million inmates have converted to Islam in the past decade, and observers have split over whether “the Muslim faith offers prisoners a viable path to rehabilitation” or “Islamic prisoners are a threat to U.S. security”:

The admission that the alleged Syrian lesbian blogger is really a heterosexual American male exacerbates concerns over the gullibility of the mainstream media over events in the Middle East …

… while the the Washington Times has deleted an article by the founder of “an outfit that handled PR for” neocons “from Richard Perle to James Woolsey to Frank Gaffney” alleging “that Rep. Anthony Weiner may have converted from Judaism to Islam to marry Huma Abedin as part of a secret socialist political agenda”:

“Mostly, Ahmed wants to show men, women and children of the Middle East smiling and cracking up in laughter to counter the image of the serious, sullen or even furious Arab who inhabits the American consciousness,” but how did he score that gig in Riyadh?

The man who “has discovered 150 wrecks and recovered loot that totals several million dollars” is now hunting for bin Laden’s body:

Caught lying to pageant officials about her drinking, the first “Muslim” Miss USA offers the lame defense, “I wasn’t doing anything illegal”:

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