News and Analysis (6/15/11)

Furious over the U.S. violation of Pakistani sovereignty in the bin Ladin assassination the Pakistani “military rank and file … wants its leaders to break with the U.S.”:

Eleven more parties have joined the list of the liberal Wafd and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party to “implement the values of the January 25 revolution, freedom, justice, democracy and equal citizenship”:

The U.S. “is building a ‘secret’ CIA air base somewhere in the Gulf region” in preparation “for a ‘worst case scenario’ if groups opposed to US foreign policy in the region win the current power struggle raging between Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen’s president, and his opponents”:

“In I Speak for Myself, we talk about our faith, our children, our husbands and our careers, and ultimately our stories reflect the richness and diversity of Islam in America” — Asma T. Uddin:

“What matters to me is that I did the right thing by my book. I refused to go to Afghanistan because it was against my Islamic conditions and I will refuse to accept these charges because I’m a man of truth, I’m a Muslim, I’m a soldier and I’m a human being” — Nasir Abdo

“Some officials in the U.S. argue that Pakistani leaders are lax in tackling the problem because of the suspected link between the country’s intelligence agencies and militant groups” but among the “60% of Pakistani Muslims [who] regard themselves as Sufi followers” some chalk the poor security up to “government incompetence”:

Obama calls on “both the north and south to ‘live up to their responsibilities’ to prevent a return to civil war”:

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