News and Analysis (6/22/11)

As Amr Moussa continues to have second thoughts over the Arab League’s call for the Libyan intervention, the rebels turn on the reporters they had been cultivating:

With Ahmadinejad under threat of impeachment and the U.S. hikers facing trial on July 31, a collaborator of a book with an advocate of Iranian women’s sports says “she has not heard from her since Friday when the photographer was scheduled to arrive in Düsseldorf”:

Two Muslim women brought to the U.S. to see America is not really anti-Muslim, instead saw “what witnesses describe as an American man berating two [American] women for practicing their Muslim faith. Fortunately they also got to witness dozens of other Americans defending, and protecting, the two women from the man” who was subsequently arrested for “disorderly conduct”:

If the king wanted to cool the atmosphere in anticipation of talks, this is not the way to do it:

In Egypt, the liberals attempted “end run around the [overwhelmingly] passed referendum” seem undemocratic, while the Muslim Brotherhood’s repeated assurances in both word and deed that “‘The new constitution has to be written by all Egyptians’ …  makes the Islamists look responsible and conciliatory” …

… while the Christian co-founder of the MB’s new political party defends himself against accusations of treason from his co-religionists with  the observation “joining the party is for the benefit of Christians in Egypt. If we don’t overcome the gap between Christians and Islamist movements, especially moderate ones, we have a problem” …

… meanwhile, defining ““the relationship between Islam and the state in this difficult phase”:

While the Dutch debate imposing vegetarianism on Muslims and Jews by banning ritual slaughter,  Australians upset by a court ruling that a Muslim woman has a “right to question a police officer who had asked her to remove her burqa during a routine car stop and breath test, consider demanding a fingerprint from women who won’t show their face:

Even as the Muslim Brotherhood plays down division in its ranks, the generational rift is demonstrated:



Dutch lawmakers to debate ritual slaughter ban

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