News and Analysis (6/29/11)

Like 275,000 other nonprofits that were careless about timely filing of 990 forms, CAIR has lost its tax exemption, but as a Muslim organization in a heated propaganda battle with Islamophobic website WorldNetDaily, more is at stake than the detectability of donations:

The “latest — and by far the most dramatic — in a series of attacks that have underscored the insurgents’ ability to penetrate even Kabul’s most heavily guarded installations, raising troubling new questions about the Afghan forces’ ability to take over responsibility for safeguarding the country”:

The new peace plan falls “short of calling for a cease-fire in the border state of South Kordofan … but it does lay out a framework for shared governance of tumultuous border areas”:

Desperate to stop the new Gaza humanitarian aid effort, Israeli supporters resort to video hoaxes and sabotage while Israel accuses the organizers of the peaceful resistance project of plotting to defend themselves against Israeli attack:

Assigned to work with the poorly trained and ill equipped Frontier Corps paramilitary “”front line” against Al Qaeda and the Taliban” at the Afghani border, the team is “the most recent casualty of extremely strained US-Pakistan relations”:

“Women’s groups have campaigned for stricter laws to deter men from frivolously entering polygamous marriages,” but others say suppression only leads to secret marriages without the knowledge or consent of the parties while openness will “deter adultery and improve the marriage prospects of single mothers and reformed prostitutes”:

“Sheikh Salah is one of the leading figures in the Arab Israeli community. He traveled to the UK legitimately, and he had no knowledge of any ban on his entering the UK, so we are surprised and disappointed by this illegitimate procedure” — Ibrahim Sarsur, a United Arab List member of the Knesset:

“The detentions mark the first major backlash by authorities since a campaign was launched by Saudi women nearly two weeks ago to challenge the driving restrictions”:

“Cadets at Egypt’s police academy say they face disdain from a society that sees them as remnants of Mubarak’s regime, while the public sees them as both ineffective and overbearing” after new clashes at Tahrir Square:

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