News and Analysis (6/30/11)

“Clinton, speaking during a visit to Budapest, says it is in Washington’s interests to deal with Egyptian parties committed to non-violent political participation” and Reuters “quotes a Brotherhood spokesman as saying it would welcome contacts with the United States”:

No other designated terrorist organization would dare “holding fundraisers in DC, lobbying Congress, or holding press conferences at the National Press Club” but one “with the blood of Americans and Iranians alike on its hands, freely does all of these things” and may soon “succeed in getting removed from the terrorist list”:

Picked “up from her home in the capital Tehran by security officers who refused to show a warrant for her arrest and was taken to Evin prison” and, according to her attorney, kept incommunicado, “denied access to her family or proper legal representation”:

The French admission “renews debate on the legality and wisdom of arming rebels in conflicts whose outcome is unpredictable”:

Drones didn’t get bin Ladin, yet the controversial CIA run program will be expanded :

Female weightlifter calls the compromise “a great victory” and expresses “hope other sporting organizations will follow this example to allow greater inclusion and participation in their respective sport” naming “FIFA’s disqualification of the Iranian women’s team” as an example:

Security services used to violently suppressing dissent remain on the streets and some Egyptians are furious at the history of state torture and violence” as justice is delayed again in the case of the “young businessman whose murder last June planted the seeds for the nation’s revolution”:

Hezbollah and its political allies, roughly half the country’s Druze and Christians,” now form a bloc that “has a slim majority in government, which it will likely use to” contest the tribunal:

A rocket attack in Iraq killing three U.S. soldiers reminds us that “this month has been the deadliest for US troops in Iraq in two years” and “the worst month [in Afghnaistan] since May 2009, when 25 were killed”:

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