News and Analysis (7/6/11)

As the violent repression in Hama resumes, the U.S. remains deferential to Israeli concerns that a democratic Syria would be a bigger problem for the militant apartheid state than the current dictatorship, the U.S. stops short of calling for Asad to step down:

“I have experienced anti-Semitism in many forms in Austria, but these experiences have always been with right-wing Austrians or Nazi supporters. I never experienced Muslim anti-Semitism in Austria” — Ilja Sichrovsky, founder and secretary of the Muslim Jewish Conference:


Al-Shabab reverses its 2009 ban “as the region is hit by its worst drought in 60 years”:

“Amid popular support, Friday’s key demands will include an end to military trials of civilians, the trial of police officers involved in abuse before and after the revolt, and thorough transparent trials of former regime officials”:

“The exchange, which includes a visit by U.S. technologists to the Middle East in the fall, is also an opportunity for women in tech to see how our similarities often outweigh our differences”:

Accommodations allow “prayer inside a school, but don’t go so far as the school-directed form of prayer that was outlawed in Canada nearly 30 years ago”:

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