News and Analysis (7/11/11)

“Rights groups say the legislation” that forces Israeli individuals and organizations to do business with illegal settlements “stifles freedom of speech and compromises Israeli democracy”:

Protesters attacked the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Chilean embassies as well; “security forces who were watching the protests only intervened when the demonstrators turned their attention to the French embassy”:

A flurry of new complications for strained U.S.-Pakistani relations:

“Having him (Mladic) behind bars brings some comfort but the true relief will come only once I find the body of my 18-year-old son who was sent to death by Mladic” — Munira Subasic,  Mothers of Srebrenica member:

“Supporters of the project, including Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, have maintained that under the Constitution, no one has the right to dictate where a house of worship may be located”:

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