News and Analysis (7/12/11)

The assassination of the president’s powerful and controversial half-brother by his own bodyguard “is likely to shake the power bases of Kandahar and  it may risk undoing the region’s recent security gains”:

In the majority Muslim country, “Just over 94 percent” of polled youth 15-25 ” said living with a family makes one happier than being alone, but polygamy was rejected by 61 percent of all male and by 85 percent of all female respondents”:

“The pipeline has long been a source of political controversy in Egypt, particularly since the signing of a 20-year gas export deal with Israel in 2008” that critics say “enabled Israel to buy gas at below-market prices” even as it “continued its blockade on the Gaza Strip”:

Show us y9ur stuff, baby, OR ELSE:

As a suicide bomber kills seven, continued CIA drones “attacks indicate the White House has no intention of stopping the unmanned drone programme, even though the attacks have increasingly caused tension with Pakistan”:

Human Rights Watch urges “the Obama administration to hold President Bush and other top officials in his administration accountable for what it says were acts of torture and other illegal treatment of detainees in violation of the international Convention against Torture and US law”:



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