News and Analysis (7/19/11)

Contrary to popular opinion, “‘Islam-bashing’ proved a strikingly poor campaign tactic” in 2010 and in most cases, “candidates who focused on illusory Muslim ‘threats,’ tied ordinary American Muslims to terrorists and radicals, or characterized mosques as halls of triumph (and prayer in them as indoctrination) went down to defeat” …

… but you can still cash in on taxpayer’s money by making unproven and apparently unfounded smears against Muslims; “Chief Blackwell says even more than a year after the episode, he’s still upset …

… on the other hand, the FBI finds that culturally sensitivity enables the Muslim and Arab community to be “really helpful in informing us and disrupting plots against the United States…. So it is really a win-win for both sides'”:

Mubarak was the military’s man; when the new pharaoh comes in, nothing will have changed:

“Officials confirm talks lasting three hours took place in Tunisia – but Washington and Tripoli disagreed on what comes next”:

At a time when the Church’s “newspaper in Malaysia has been embroiled in a legal battle against a government ban on the use of “Allah” as a Malay-language translation for God”:

“Uighur activists said the security forces had provoked clashes by opening fire on a peaceful demonstration”:

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