News and Analysis (7/21/11)

The “army will announce a date for the elections by the end of next month,” and underlines its hold on power by banning foreign election monitors:

After the Bin Ladin assassination,  the views of “”political liberals and moderates … shifted to become more like those of conservatives”:

“Through these families and their diverse experiences, we will explore how they blend their values and traditions with everyday life in America, providing insight into their culture with care and compassion”–Amy Winter, GM, TLC:

Still bearing “the scars from the attack that left him blind in one eye and with 35 pieces of metal in his face,” Rais Bhuiyan “claims his rights as a victim in regards to sentencing have been overlooked by the state, as has his attempts to meet” the white supremacist who attacked him:

“Barring a successful appeal by the company, Elauf plans to save the $20,000 and apply it toward the costs of opening her own clothing store someday, she said.  When asked how it will compare to Abercrombie, a smiling Elauf said, ‘It’ll be better'”:

“Gilani’s remarks, in an interview with the Guardian, contradict assertions by the US president, Barack Obama, and other American officials that US forces would take similar action against other al-Qaida leaders if necessary”:

“The challenge lies in moving from a general understanding of factors at work in Boko Haram’s existence to a specific understanding of the movement’s grievances and, finally, to nuanced policy tools that could reintegrate members of the movement into society or undercut its grassroots support”:

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