News and Analysis (7/25/11)

The Norwegian terrorist (who now claims that “he has ‘two more cells’ working with him”) is “a 32-year-old who contends he is waging a Christian crusade against multiculturalism in Europe, believes the killings were ‘gruesome’ but ‘necessary,’ … to preserve a Christian Europe” from Muslim immigration:

US House Foreign Affairs Committee slashed foreign aid for the Palestinians, Egypt, Lebanon, and Yemen, but not for — You guessed it!

“It isn’t world Jewry that is driving members of minorities to the streets of Kuala Lumpur, but the failure of a democratic government to provide equal rights and opportunities to all their citizens”:

Despite “documented, credible evidence . . . of involvement in a criminal enterprise or support for the enemy,” the contract for “all of the trucking firms involved in the work” has been extended”:

“More than 400 civilians were killed by foreign and Afghan forces last year and over 2,000 killed by Taliban-led insurgents, according to UN figures”:


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