News and Analysis (7/27/11)

A new definition of khutzba, the vandal suing his victim: “Israel is suing a group of Bedouin in the Negev desert for the costs of demolishing their village each time they rebuild it”:

“Supporters evoked the Arab Spring … as a fitting backdrop for an endorsement of the Palestinian people’s release from 44 years of Israeli occupation. Opponents, essentially Israel and the United States, condemned the idea as an ineffective ‘shortcut’” — like the “shortcut” that established Israel at the U.N. in 1948?

“The worst case scenario’s pessimistic variant is a military candidate for President and a total military takeover. That’s likely” — Ahmed Naguib, “a leading activist, organizer and spokesman from Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Revolution”:

“Assassinations are horrific acts — they are acts of terror and can have major impacts”–Ryan Crocker, American ambassador to Afghanistan commenting on the third assassination of an Afghan power broker following the U.S. assassination of Usama bin Ladin:

Mustafa Akyol “argues that the recipe for Turkey’s success is a liberal economy tempered by Muslim values”:

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