News and Analysis (8/4/11)

Fareed Zakaria explains that “there are more members of military marching bands than make up the entire U.S. foreign service” and the”result is a warped American foreign policy, ready to conceive of problems in military terms and present a ready military solution” …

“Under intense US pressure, Iraqi leaders have agreed to start negotiations on keeping some American soldiers” in place:

Fed up with bigoted attacks on his judicial appointment, the popular governor of New Jersey the accusation that American Muslims seek to replace American law with a Taliban style interpretation of Islamic law “what it is — crazy”:

“A National Security Council expert on extremism who helped devise the new strategy, Quintan Wiktorowicz, said the administration was aware of “inaccurate training” on Islam for law enforcement officers”:

” I doubt that under fear of fines young people will stop paying respect to Allah by praying” – a former opposition leader:

Malaysian Christian leader says the police attempt to photograph Muslims attending an interfaith church dinner is “a dangerous precedent and makes a mockery of the sanctity of religious places” that “is also a violation of religious freedom”:

“There was no mention whatsoever of the Mubarak trial on the main news channels in Syria, Bahrain and Yemen, which have all seen Arab Spring-inspired protests demanding democratic reform”:

Many Egyptians “don’t want to see their democracy born as an act of vengeance”:

“The report also claimed that there is a fierce debate in Israel over the efficiency of such assassinations and it also stated that Israel Air Force officers have stepped up their calls to bomb Iran’s nuclear reactor”:

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