News and Analysis (8/11/11)

Whole Foods refuses to knuckle under to the Islamophobic commentator who “has explicitly stated that those killed at Utoya got what was coming to them“:

“‘I lost my son. Blacks, Asians, whites: We all live in the same community. Why do we have to kill one another? Why are we doing this? Step forward if you want to lose your sons. Otherwise, calm down and go home, please,’ Jahan appealed hours after giving the kiss of life to his dying son on the pavement nearby his home” …

… reminding Faisal Hanif of his own father’s patriotism and that “the vast majority of Muslims in Britain also care about their country and their communities”:

MFI’s President comments on the increasing diplomatic pressure against Syria’s continuing violent repression of political dissent:

“A lifestyle of freedom.  Freedom from alcohol, drugs, and things that poison your body, mind and soul…. The best thing about being Muslim in America is that I am allowed to be the best Muslim I can be without restrictions like some other countries”:

“My father and cousins didn’t leave the Middle East to turn America into the place that they ran from. They came here for economic opportunities and freedoms…. America is a special place” — stand-up comic Dean Obeidallah:

A “shared immigrant experience” contributes to the impressive, and surprising to some, commonality between American Muslims and Jews:

Two Muslim Congressmen, “Hamza Abdullah, a defensive back for the Arizona Cardinals; and Husain Abdullah, a free safety for the Minnesota Vikings” and Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Scott Oren” were among the invited:

Saab Erekat “slams Israel’s expected approval of 4,300 housing units in east Jerusalem over next week,” saying the plans prove “that this government is committed to investing in occupation rather than peace”:

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