News and Analysis (8/18/11)

“The push into Latakia ordered by commanders this week was stridently criticised by other nations in the region, with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Tunisia and Qatar withdrawing their ambassadors and Turkey warning it had uttered its ‘last words” on the crackdown'”:

The Nobel Prize winning chemist’s dream of  “a $2 billion science and technology institute in Cairo” was “mired in a jungle of bureaucracy and corruption” under Mubarak, but “with revolution now sweeping the Middle East, Egypt’s ruling military council and interim civilian government gave the project the green light in June”:

The Arab Oprah? “With humor and down-home savings, Mahmoud has done it all with ease, becoming an unlikely symbol of a movement aimed at preserving the spirit of change and social justice in this country of more than 80 million people”:

“Rachid Nekkaz said he personally is not in favour of women wearing the full veil, but feels the bans are unconstitutional and will pay the fines of all those prosecuted”:

“[F]orcing people to [fast], worse, punishing them if they fail to oblige, is only going to discourage people from taking Islamic teachings more seriously” — Dr Khalid Zaheer, religious scholar and dean of the faculty of arts and social sciences of the University of Central Punjab:

“A local man said the breakthrough came when NATO bombed a military training facility in the center of Sabratha. After that strike, the rebels stormed the facility and seized weapons”:

“Israel Radio reported that the militants were dressed in Egyptian uniforms, and fired on a bus and cars from across the border” …

… yet Israel takes it as an excuse to step up their almost daily attacks on Gaza:


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