News and Analysis (8/23/11)

In the fog of war, Tripoli is in chaos; the rebels have the momentum and Gaddafi’s compound, but Gaddafi and Saif-al-Islam are still at large, vowing to fight to the end; Libyan-Americans support the rebels, but what happens next is as uncertain as how to spell “Gaddafi”:

“Majid Jamali Fashi had confessed to the murder of Massoud Ali Mohammadi, a physics professor at Tehran University, on 12 January 2010” and “allegedly said he was ordered by Mossad to carry out five other killings, but did not go through with them”:

Describing the Mubarak regime as “a strategic asset to Israel,” a “group of politicians including former Arab League head Amr Moussa and other candidates for Egypt’s presidency called for the return of the Egyptian ambassador from Israel, more troops in Sinai and trials for Israelis responsible for the killing” of five Egyptian security officers:

The government offers “toothless” version of Hazare’s bill and some among the Muslim, Christian and Dallit minorities have reservations, but 87% of Indians support his bill






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