News and Analysis (8/31/11)

“There is currently not a single Sunni mosque available for use in the capital, despite there being several churches and synagogues. Instead, they have to rent houses for their prayers but were not allowed to use them for this year’s Eid ceremonies”:

A Muslim resident of Killeen, TX on assignment in Iraq says “he has never seen such a high level of support like what the leadership of the 4th Inf. Div. provided during Ramadan”:

An example for Anders Behring Breivik to follow? Confessing his crime, Arid Uka “deeply regrets” being taken in by hate propaganda:

Nearly a third of the billions spent for the Iraq and Afghani wars went to waste and fraud and unless dramatic action is taken (how about ending the wars?) “commission member and … Pentagon comptroller during President George W. Bush’s first term” Dov Zakheim predicts, “More waste. More fraud. More abuse”:

Rep. Ellision says the release of the soldier whose job is to perpetuate the occupation of Palestine would be “a humane, decent thing [for Hamas] to do,” but wouldn’t an Israeli release of the thousands Palestine civilian political prisoners held without charge also be a humane, decent — or at least, just — thing to do?

Yamulkas are also banned at “America’s only government-owned amusement park,” but witnesses say that when a Muslim woman loudly argued with police, they “pushed her on the ground and arrested her” along with two young male relatives who tried to protect her:

Do you have an “ancestry of interest” to the CIA? Despite denials, internal police documents show that “officers were told … to determine the ethnicity of business owners and eavesdrop on conversations inside cafes”:

Amnesty International “says those who died, including 10 children, were subjected to beatings, burns, electric shocks and other abuse.
The group says it believes all of those who died were arrested after taking part in anti-government protests”:

Developments in Libya:


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